We blend and bring new tea and teaware to Lake Missoula Tea Company regularly

New Teas

This page helps you keep you on top of what’s new at the tea store and what we offer online. Learn about tea and tea blend additions and descriptions as our tea company grows and we refine our tea list. Also learn about new teaware and why we chose to add them to our selection.

Teas and blends

Purple Velvet Tonic– Purple Velvet Tonic Tea is an exquisite blend to introduce your palette to purple tea.  With layers of flavor, this tea finishes with hints of an underlying, honeysuckle sweet.

Sweet Yerba – hold off on the honey with this tasty yerba mate brew, with hydrangea – a natural sweetener, ginger and cinnamon add a warming zest to this blend.

Jasmine Orange Melange Tea – Jasmine green adds a flowery softness.  Rooibos, citrus and vanilla brings this tea a full rounded flavor.  Silver needle white tea is added for depth and warmth.

White Silver Spritzer Tea – this blend’s a kick in the pants and tastes wonderful – that’s what happens when you blend white tea, ginger and chamomile, topped with a little rose!

Gift pack – 3 tiers – Kenyan or Ancient tea trees – custom samplers for a taste of what the best tea out of Kenya taste like, including Beliote Black and Purple Tea, OR a sampler from the ancient tea trees of Jingmai Mountain in Yunnan, China, all superb and organic.

Yerba Mate Chai – a delicious blend of Argentinian yerba mate and chai spices – the cinnamon provides a deliscious balance with the yerba mate.

Creamy Coconut Pouchong – the best coconut tea we’ve ever had, creamy, nutty and good



The Wall Tea Brewer – innovation award recipient at tea trade show.   As simple as it gets, no bags, no filters, no fuss and fun to drink tea in, super sturdy glass tea brewer, check it out!

Missoula, Montana Tea Tumbler  – self contained tea steeper designed in Missoula, MT!  Like a French press, and it stops brewing once depressed, no overbrewing and the strainer stays in the tumbler.

Disposable Tea Bags – prefer to use a tea bag?  make your own with fresh, premium tea using disposable tea bags, 100 to a box.